fredag 9 november 2012

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

Nedanstående text kommer från Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev statement för dOCUMENTA (13).

En exakt tillståndsbeskrivning.

"dOCUMENTA (13) is located in an apparent simultaneity of places and times, and it is articulated through four main positions corresponding to conditions in which people, in particular artists and thinkers, find themselves acting in the present. Far from being exhaustive of all the positions that a subject can take, they acquire their significance in their interrelation. The four conditions that are put into play within the mental and the real spaces of the project are the following:

- On stage. I am playing a role, I am a subject in the act of re-performing.
- Under siege. I am encircled by the other, besieged by others.
- In a state of hope, or optimism. I dream, I am the dreaming subject of anticipation.
- On retreat. I am withdrawn, I choose to leave the others, I sleep."

Här är länk till hela Carolyn Christov-Bakargievs statement.

Debatt om dOCUMENTA- a story of perfektion, som ägde rum på ARTBRUSSELS 2012.
Nedanstående citat ur debatten.
- -
Jan Hoet: Is it sense in making big exhibitions? I think yes. There's a lot of people coming and maybe there is one who has a new impulse about art. Because this one would never go to the gallery, never would go to the museum. But because there is an event they go and maybe they learn. Voila, that is a way to get people involved in art.
Ann Demeester: So it's a new type of missionary work in the art?
Jan Hoet: Yes!
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